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I Want My MP3 !

by Lonnie Lee Best

Dear Lawmakers,

Please don't let the current freedoms of the Internet be restricted by laws.  The Internet should change the music industry, but the music industry should not legally hinder the Internet.

It is technology that allowed artists to sell recorded music in the first place, and it is technology that now forces them to get back to work!  Before recorded music, artists made money by performing before live audiences, selling souvenirs, and endorsing products.  For only the last 70 to 80 years have artists been able to sell recorded music. 

As technology evolves, it creates and destroys ways of making money.  Musicians and singers must conform to these technological changes, and find new ways to make money off their talents.  There is simply no turning back.  Whether you take down Napster or not, people are still going to get their music free from others on the Internet.  Don't bother trying to save the music industry in its current form.  It must change.  The sooner this is realized, the better.

How will it change?  Well, eventually artists are going to wake up and offer their music Free on the Internet.  Instead of going to Napster, people will start going to the artist's web page to obtain the music they desire.  This will give the artist the opportunity to sell souvenirs, and sell advertising spots.  Artists will cut out the middlemen in the music industry who take most of their money.  Singers and Musicians will make money like they did before, by live performances, selling memorabilia, and endorsing products (advertising). 

Thank you for reading this message.



Lonnie Lee Best



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